Monday, July 27, 2009

Feelin’ groovy!


skinny :: up or on the rocks, hartford, ct :: july 4, 2009

Fast lane, fast lane
I’m driving in the fast lane, fast lane
And it’s getting hard to maintain
Because I’m guilty of some bad things, bad things, bad things
Can’t change, can’t change
‘Cuz I’m already insane, insane…
- Fast Lane (All Crazy)

(hear the rest on their MySpace page!)

I’m still feeling all zen about life. This surprises me to no end.

I decided not to renew several subscriptions and I didn’t re-up my memberships in several organizations.  Too much physical clutter weighing me down. 

I’ve been letting go of people, too. That sounds rough, but there’s a lot of emotional baggage I’ve been carrying around. I’ve followed the advice Meg Edwards gave me at the GTD Summit (a version of what she told me was later posted on GTDTimes - Is that a problem or a project?). It’s hard to separate the emotion from the reality, but I’m getting better at letting go of the people who have dragged me down for too long.

Except, of course, for Soulmate Boy.

Despite him being a major stumbling block, I’ve managed to let go of some people who came back into my life recently who really have no reason to be there in the first place. All I have to say is Facebook is evil. It’s hard to hide from people (friends of friends and all that sort of thing) and it’s worse when you reach out to them, only to discover that you don’t fit in each other’s lives. Ugh.  We used to be friends. USED to. There’s a reason we lost touch after jr. high/high school… But at the same time, I’m trying to reconcile first impressions and the reality of my Brave New World. The battle lines have changed and the enemy should no longer be viewed as such. Maybe.

So yeah, big adult things going on over here. But, really, when am I not in over my head with some kind of personal drama?

I’m just getting better at dealing with it, I guess.

In other news, I’m dragging the hubby to Hartford on Saturday to see All Crazy. Again. There’s just nothing as important to me as live music… I’ve been rearranging my life to make it to all of Instrument’s shows and now, I’m working on doing the same for All Crazy. There’s something about going to a small bar and just letting loose. As I’ve said before, it’s great when you get to know the guys in the band, too. I never meant to have any sort of relationship with Soup or Skinny, but I love that they recognize me and interact with me.  Speaking of interacting…

I’m slowly easing back into GTD at home so I can dive full-bore into the Instrument marketing stuff I’ve been letting slide. (It helps when he pressures me to perform well.) I’ve known I’m the internet guru for a while now, but I’m happy that he’s letting me do more for them. For a while there, I was feeling left out… I think the marketing ideas ebb and flow and the roles have changed a bit. I’m not going to question it.  Rolling with the punches is all part of my new outlook on life. (I’m rolling with the punches to avoid the bruises - All Crazy)

Anyone else starting to wonder what happened to the real me?

Yeah, I am, too…

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