Friday, May 31, 2013

*dance party*


watson busts a move at buckingham palace

Let me start off with this:


I’m going to assume that my new habit of slaughtering chickens in graveyards at midnight while dancing nekkid is working…

After telling me I wasn’t eligible for unemployment this go-round, the state sent me a letter letting me know they changed their mind. So, WOOOO! Income!

My interview today was AMAZING. Loved him. He wasn’t lying, though. The accounting office at this hotel is in a guest room. A GUEST ROOM. (Actually two: one for the controller and one for the assistant controller (me).) Big, windows, en suite bathroom, discounts at other locations. Only bad things: location (traffic’s a BITCH) and I have to go back to wearing suits.

While I’m meeting with him, one of my recruiters leaves me a message about scheduling an interview with ANOTHER company. As he’s calling to let me know they had to change the date, I get an email asking for a phone screen. 

When I’ve normally looked for a job, I’ve been in a position where I’m dying to jump ship and it’s generally not feast or famine. Right now, I have a lot of good options and I’ve got a lot of people asking me if I’d be interested in second interviews and they’re all looking to hire at the same time.

How in the hell am I going to make this decision?

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