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aaaaawwwww, johnlock fluff

I was told by a woman I knit with that I was crazy to even look at working in Boston.

Um, that’s where the jobs are… do you really think I’m enjoying the idea of having to commute by train?! For up to two hours depending on how far I need to travel?

Today’s second interview went well, but he kept harping on my marketing degree.

I can’t tell if he was confused by my creative/logical duality or just fascinated that I would choose accounting over the exciting world of advertising.

I got a taste of what my evening commute would be and I’m worried… I’d forgotten that on I-93 the breakdown lanes are legit travel lanes between 3-7 PM. BECAUSE FOUR LANES OF MASSHOLES AREN’T ENOUGH DURING RUSH HOUR. There needs to be an easier/better/safer way to get from here to there.

There’s two of us in contention for this position, and I think I have a good shot, but 93 has the potential to be a deal breaker.

Plus, I haven’t heard back from the retirement place or had the first interview (re)scheduled for the cost job.

I don’t know what I should do… I don’t know what I want to do…


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