WTF did I get myself into?!?!

two for tuesday! the martin freeman edition

I’m taking some really bare bones notes on the Zodiac from the information supplied by The Crime Library. There’s also a few other websites, and the Graysmith book “ZODIAC” (which the movie was based on), that I’m looking at to fill in some of the blanks. There have to be some interesting bits that TCL hasn’t covered.

I am so OVER this psycho with his bad spelling and his ego, and his empty threats.

After all the time I’ve spent with him, I think I can make my version more interesting.

I’m already thinking about how he’s going to fit in London, and holy fuck there a lot of things to think about… the differences between the US and UK police systems, postal services, locations, there’s a lot I didn’t take into consideration. That’s really going to suck. I do have 10 days left to research those differences, though so it might not be too bad.

If anything, the timeline of the Zodiac might help me make this a reunion fic. Zodiac can start while Moriarty is still alive and the gap between letters can be explained by Sherlock’s absence after “Reichenbach”... (Oh, Dog, I’m going to have to watch that episode again. I’m going to need a nap, a cookie, and a hug after that. Maybe even a grocery store’s worth of Kleenex and Hagen-daas. I HATE that episode with a passion. The feels are too epic for someone with the level of depression I have right now.)


This is what I get for trying to stretch myself as a writer and get away from the terrible chick-lit lite I’m so good at writing.

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