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i love storyist - this is my set up for the 30 day otp challenge

ZURICH! isn’t taking off as well / fast as the other chapters.  Which is disappointing, but OK. ZURICH! was always the awkward chapter and one I worked with so much - adding and stripping and adding and starting from scratch and pulling stuff out to shove it back in… It was painful, and I’m assuming the lack of kudos and comments is proving that point.


My NaNo on the other hand, while being completely exhausting, is finishing up nicely. We’ve already caught one killer, because he’s a fucking moron, and I’ve got the clichéd “John gets in trouble and Sherlock saves the day” ending all set. I’ve been alternating slices of life in 221B with the serial killers stuff and I’m having a hard time getting the Johnlock moments to feel legit. It’s actually a painful relationship to write…

It’s hard because I am Sherlock. Honestly. I’m drawing from my own experiences with intimacy/sexuality. John, on the other hand is the Wonder Hubby, if only because of his never ending patience with me.

So back to Sherlock - I run hot and cold. I’m either a crazy nympho who doesn’t ever want to leave the bedroom, or you can’t even get me in there. Some days, I want to cuddle so badly that I’m clingy and annoying. Some days, I can’t even be in the same room. I feel that, based on my own reactions to intimacy, that Sherlock would be very similar. I feel so sorry for John, just like I feel so sorry for the Wonder Hubby…

But taking something from my weird fucked up relationship and trying to write it / to fictionalize it? Wow. Nearly impossible. Fuck write what you know…


On that note, had an interview today where she knew, before I even got there, that I wasn’t a good fit because I’d be bored. I knew, based on the job posting, that I wasn’t a good fit because the money wouldn’t be there. We confirmed that within the first few minutes and that was all she wrote. We parted amicably, thanking each other for our honesty. Couldn’t ask for more.

Start my temp job tomorrow. It’s a three week contract position, with a possibility of going permanent. It’s an hour drive, but the woman I’d be working for starts her commute an hour north of me. This better be a hell of a job. I can’t believe she’d drive two hours for work every day for four years.

In other news, I absolutely adored her. The temp work is seasonal to get geared up for year-end, but the permanent side would be more of the accountant-y stuff I’m interesting in doing.

I guess we’ll see. I’m still hoping to hear about the other two this week.

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