someone else feels the same way i do!

I’m beyond gobsmacked. This is exactly how my Johnlock ends (well, kinda…). I want to know who is behind this and just love them, and hug them, and name them George. Although in my version Sherlock “proposes” (if you can call it that) instead of having Mycroft do it while John’s in Dublin. (Is that even possible? I thought both parties had to be there. Oh well, it IS Mycroft. Anything’s possible when you run the British Government.)


As I was putting my thank you notes in the mail for yesterday’s interviews, it dawned on me that I didn’t even bother to shoot off a quick email to any one who drove me nuts with the email interviews, web surveys, and phone screens. Part of me wonders if that’s borderline unprofessional and part of me wonders if I should even care. They’re “just” phone screens. The people I’m talking to have absolutely nothing more to do with the hiring process after making sure I’m still OK to pass on to the hiring manager. It’s a hard decision to make… but my guts say that most of the companies screening me just want to know what my salary requirements are and whether or not I’m interested in the commute. I don’t know if that justifies a thank you. What would I write? “Thank you for spending five minutes on the phone with me and then getting upset when I tell you that I’m over the range you want to pay.”


I don’t know… this job market sucks and I don’t want to look bad, but I just can’t get motivated to care enough to write even a one second email to someone who really has nothing to do with whether or not I get hired.

Oh well. It’s time to research for my next interview and then hit the road. When I get back, it’s time to start looking for some new places. If only to hit my quota with unemployment.

*double sigh*

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely hate being on a forced, unpaid vacation?

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