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I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’ve increased my readership quite a bit over the past few months.  I’ve been advertising new blog posts on Twitter and I can see the jumps in readership after a tweet. I see hits from places like Facebook.  I see some hits coming from entries that were emailed to others.  I see quite a few google hits - my three favorite searches to date are “suck blow benedetto”, “images of kevin shattenkirk”, and (my most favorite) “instrumenttheband” - and I’m glad I’m rating so high on The Google.  If you google just “good advices”, I’m the number one search result. That blows my mind like I can’t even put into words.

It’s kind of interesting.  I’ve never gone out and actively looked for readers.  I’ve always kept my blog rather close to me but then I learned that there are people who want to know me better… and this is a pretty good way to do that.  I’m very much me here. I’m a little more censored than I am elsewhere, but I’m still pretty “nekkid”.  I’m not the greatest in person - I much prefer to write than talk - because I’m more likely to say something stupid and make an ass out of myself in person. I’m not good under pressure.  It’s an introvert thing.

So anyhoo, I’ve been looking at my stats and I’m wondering who some of ya’ll are. Some are more obvious than others - like you, my friend in Belgium - but others make me scratch my head.  I missed “National Delurking Day/Week”, but I’m curious to know who you are.  I don’t bite (unless it is specifically requested), so please, leave a comment or send me an email.  If you blog, leave your URL.  I’d love to check it out.  I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to read.

My email is:    mat [at] good advices [dot] com

You can leave a comment by clicking here or on the “(0) comments” link down below to the left.

I’m looking forward to knowing who’s stopping by!

EDITED TO ADD:Apparently, some of ya’ll are perverts.  I’m # 6 on The Google right now for “what are some good advices to suck a penis.”  *sigh* 

God bless the weirdos and perverts, they keep teh interwebs entertaining.

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