What the fuck did we just watch?

puppets. game show. armadillo.

I’m in shock. Shock!

I’ve been trying to find different ways to access real British telly in my quest to watch Sherlock in real time and since I’m going through all that trouble, I’m watching stuff that seems interesting / that I can’t get here.

Like the Puppet Game Show.

I choked on my milk when they had contestants bouncing on trampolines trying to remember what different hot dogs were doing. (Seriously. I can’t describe it better than that.)

I lost it when the two contestants had to give apology speeches and the one couldn’t remember the four houses in Hogwarts.

I was in tears at the farting armadillo. (Yes. I’m twelve. I thought we’ve already established that.)

I think I’m going to put that on my little livestream DVR in case I forget to watch it live.

I’m not sure what the fuck the Brits are smoking when they develop shows like this, but OMG. I want some of that.

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