What the everloving fuck?

i lol’d until i rotflmao’d until i cried… so.much.awesome.

I’m ridiculously nervous about finding a job because it has to be perfect.

It can’t be one I’m going to leave in under three months.

It can’t be one that’s going to bore me to tears in a year.

It can’t be one that’s a perfect fit for my skill set, because I need to be pushed.

It can’t be one where the staff I’d be working with makes me feel stupid.


In the past 24-ish hours, I’ve met with a recruiter who has presented me with three positions: 1) a kick ass full time one I should be interviewing for that first week of December, 2) a temp one that didn’t pay nearly well enough to justify the commute and 3) a three week contract position that pays well and doesn’t care if I continue to look for a job.

Today, I got a phone call on a resume I sent out this morning.

Today, I got a ‘just curious’ email from a company I turned down a few weeks ago. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but it’s weird.

Today, I have an interview about that three week contract position.

Today, I pushed off making a decision about that part/full/temp/perm position that can’t decide what it wants to be.

I shouldn’t complain because I’m VERY fortunate, but wow. I’m overwhelmed with the options and opportunities. I feel like I can be super picky, but I’m also afraid that I’m going to settle because I’m miserable being unemployed…


I’ve been putting off returning to my NaNo because of ZURICH!‘s edits and now I don’t want to leave Douglas and Martin. I will be publishing an epilogue - I have to. I can’t leave their story with ZURICH!‘s ending. Not when there’s so much awesome in those other chapters that weren’t supposed to see the light of day.

The good news about the NaNo is that I’m down to 12K words with 9 days left. I’ve been managing to push out 2K words a day, so I’m not worried about making it. (Even though I shouldn’t really use that as an excuse to focus on Cabin Pressure stuff…)


Off to finish prepping for the contract job’s interview. And then… THEN it’s time to get ready to see the sneak preview of “Catching Fire!” So excited to see it!!!!!

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