this is serious, jawn.

Survived my first week at the new job.

It’s been a rough transition - he’s not the kind of person I learn well from, but it seems like we’re figuring out how to communicate with each other.

Eh. It’s a job.

It’ll do while I’m killing time and continuing to work on the Get My Ass To London While NOT Working For A Large Souless International Company Plan. (GMATLWNWFALSIC for short…)


In other news, Sherlock Series 3 picks up filming the 3rd episode at the end of this month. I believe it’s been confirmed that the US will get Sherlock on PBS in 2014, but there’s no UK air date yet.

I’m really curious because the three hints we were given for this season were rat, wedding, bow and the episode titles are “The Empty Hearse”, “The Sign of Three”, and “His Last Vow.”

We know for a fact that “TEH” (*snicker*) is about Sherlock’s return to John and that it’s not going to go well. They showed some of “Three” at Comic-Con so we know it has to do with Mary Morstan and John’s wedding. We know that Mary leaves John at some point in ACD canon - but I can’t remember how - so hopefully she leaves in “Vow”. Like John’s last wedding vow because he never gets married again. (Although that’s not true in ACD canon.)

I don’t know… “Vow” is written by Moffat, so it’s going to be… Moffaty. (Buy stock in Kleenex now. The Sherlockians are going to lose their minds. Guaranteed.)


Benedict mentioned several months ago that they signed on for series 4, but that was quickly squashed by the powers that be. Moftiss et al have announced that series 4 has been commissioned, but of course there’s no way to give us an estimated air date…



Other than that, I’m still getting favorites/kudos on my Johnlock fic. Still working on the Cabin Pressure fic from hell. Still obsessing about writing my next Johnlock fic.

I need to buy suits again. I don’t like suits.

I definitely need to hose out and air dry my ruck - it smells lovely after the Challenge. (I may have forgotten to empty the bag after we got home… WHOOPS.)

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