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the best part is this entire show is on crack

Superwholockian post! Feel free to skip it!

SUPERNATURAL: Watching a marathon today… for a show that started out being about family (and it still is), it’s taken us some weird ass places. Seriously. You can’t mention this show on tumblr without someone saying ‘the best part of this entire show is that it’s on crack.’ Or something similar. Kripke is a known troll and some of the episodes have proven to be more creative than you would ever expect a show about two demon hunting brothers to be. (If you’re going to watch just three, check out The French Mistake, Changing Channels, and Swan Song. Make sure you have kleenex for Swan Song.) And honestly, even with all the weirdness, each episode manages to join forces with previously aired episodes in order to move the mythology of the show forward.

And coincidentally, the prophet Chuck says, “It’s not jumping the shark if you never come back down.”

Even if you take away my SPN family, I’m still going to love the show solely because it has lines like “Lucifer, you’re my brother, and I love you, but you are a great big bag of dicks.”

Yep. The show’s on crack.

DOCTOR WHO: My interview today got cancelled, due to a mix up on their end. They caught me on the way there and since it was near a Target, I ended up going shopping. (Why waste a trip out that way, right? It’s not like I didn’t need some stuff.) As I’m making my merry way through Target, my phone starts “VWORP"ing. I pick it up to look at the caller ID and end up flashing my TARDIS phone case. As I’m talking to the person on the other end, this kid walks by and gives me a thumbs up. If I hadn’t been scheduling another interview, I would have asked him who he wanted for Twelve.

SHERLOCK: Rumor has it that series 3 will premier on October 31st.  Benedork Cutiepatch went on VH1 and mentioned that they’re talking to WGBH (PBS) so that it airs the same time here as it does in the UK.  The BBC does it with Doctor Who, although that’s a little different because they own BBC America, and they don’t own PBS. The Whovians are very kind to those of us across the pond when it comes to not spoiling the episodes because they know it’s just a few hours. With Sherlock, the difference in air dates could be MONTHS, so this is a big deal. Especially because this is the series when we learn how Sherlock returns from the dead and whether or not John marries Mary (NO!). It will be impossible to avoid spoilers. Beyond impossible.

Whether or not we get our way, I do have an ace up my sleeve in the form of a very nice resident of Belgium who has given me access to her VPN so I can watch BBC shows from the U.S. as they air over there. And if for some reason that doesn’t work, I have the good people of tumblr who will livestream the episode. This is just a thought, and I don’t know if it’s realistic, but it might be possible to buy the episodes from the UK iTunes store before they air here. (I’m not against paying the ridiculous exchange rate if I have to…)

And that concludes my fangirling…

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