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I applied for a job in Boston yesterday. Got an immediate response asking me if I wanted to commute to the Back Bay area of Boston. Seriously?!?!

I have a phone screen with the arena the Bs play in tomorrow.

I have that second today.

The job search is picking up steam again.  w00t!


There’s been a lot of speculation over who will replace Matt Smith. Some want a woman, and I’m not sure Moffat can write a strong woman character.

His female companions are weak and seem to spend a lot of time waiting for the Doctor or sacrificing themselves to save him. I mean, Amy Pond is known as the girl who waited and Clara Oswin Oswald basically inserted herself into the Doctor’s timeline so she could keep saving his life.

Such. Bullshit.

I probably don’t even need to go into Sherlock’s “Scandal in Belgravia” to touch upon how badly he fucked up on writing Irene Adler. (Still a sore spot and it’s my least favorite episode after “Reichenbach”.) He made her a fucking dominatrix and introduced her to the audience buck-fucking-nekkid. Yep. AND he still managed to make her weak. OK. I need to stop before I get all worked up again… ARGH!

So. Stephen Moffat writing/leading a show that would feature a female Doctor?

No. Fucking. Way. Would. I. Watch. That.

I loved the Ponds. I really did. But Clara never did it for me. I’m hoping she leaves when Eleven does because out of all the companions in the reboot, she was the absolute worst. Then again, maybe there’s something wrong with me because I really liked Martha Jones and she’s one of the least liked companions. She’s no Donna Noble, but there was a lot to like about her.

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