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Tuesday has redeemed itself!!!!!

I really can’t even… this is perfect!

(and here’s your context, from the episode “Qikiqtarjuaq” - which I have now quoted so many damn times, I can spell Qikiqtarjuaq perfectly. Every. Single. Time.)

NANCY DEAN LIEBHART: It wouldn’t have mattered anyway; I’ve seen your website.

ARTHUR: Oh, have you? Brilliant! You see, Mum, I told you people would go!

NANCY DEAN LIEBHART: Ohhh, you did that, did you?

ARTHUR: Thank you!

NANCY DEAN LIEBHART: Are you a professional web designer?

ARTHUR: No, not even a bit! But there’s this website that makes it really simple, even if you’re completely clueless, you can make it play music, and the words flash, and, you know, put in things like a line of dancing aeroplanes – you know, make it look, make it look really professional.

NANCY DEAN LIEBHART: Okaaay, Ms. Knapp-Shappey, I’m going to ask you and your crew from now on at all times to refer to this flight as being an Unbeaten Track flight, not an MJN one.

CAROLYN: Why? It is an MJN flight.

NANCY DEAN LIEBHART: Yes, but my concern is that travellers may Google you on their return and discover, no offense, what sort of outfit you are.

CAROLYN: When you say “no offense,” do you in fact know what that means?

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