The sun is fighting through the clouds


john barrowman and a banana. oh. em. gee.

I have a second interview with one of the companies I interviewed at last week. Next Wednesday. The wait is going to kill me…

I applied this morning for a position with a tech company that makes a product I used (and LOVED) a thousand internet years ago. After I sent out my resume, I discovered they have an office in the UK.

No word from Jimmy the Pimp this morning, but I’m looking forward to the interview I have tomorrow.


My little baby is out in the world - both on FFN and AO3. Slow growth on FFN, but there are two kind reviews and a handful of followers/favorites.  I’m hoping the combination of the two sites gives me enough kindness to keep my happy moving in a positive direction.


The husband has finally given in and started to listen to Cabin Pressure. Big surprise. HE LOVES IT.

I can’t wait until he gets to “Qikiqtarjuaq”!!!! (I’m going to apologize to all my English friends: This is my most, most, most, most favorite part of the entire series and I always recite the lines while they’re playing. As a result, of course, I’ve developed the habit of saying ‘polar bear’ with an English accent. Or I use ‘bear polar’ in Cumbercutie’s terrible French accent. Equal opportunity offender over here. LOL)

DOUGLAS: Right. I’ve looked it up on my phone. It’s a tiny, isolated settlement in the Arctic Circle! Why on earth are we going there?

CAROLYN: Because that is where the polar bears are.

DOUGLAS: And where do the polar bears want to go?

CAROLYN: The polar bears don’t want to go anywhere. The polar bears just want to be left in peace and quiet. But that is where the polar bears find themselves bang out of luck. Because we are picking up a dozen tourists from Unbeaten Track Travel and flying them past every polar bear we can find between Toronto and Qikiqtarjuaq!

ARTHUR: What? Are we?!? Polar bears?!? We’re going to fly over polar bears?! And see them and look at them and be with the polar bears?

CAROLYN: Yes, we are.

MARTIN: No, we’re not.


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