The shit I learn in the name of fan fic…

aren’t they cute?


I’ve been continually researching asexuality for my Johnlock fan fics (last night’s episode did absolutely nothing to help us out, btw *sigh*) and I came across this website called “The Thinking Asexual”.

Fascinating stuff.

No. Really.

I subscribe to their updates because the site is really good. Today’s update included the following quote:

I’m thinking of feelings that lead to what you could call “gray area relationships.” Relationships that are essentially a blending of common friendship and traditional romance, that fall in between the two standard categories. Relationships that look a lot like romance but are not sexual, don’t actually have to include any kind of romantic attraction, and are a hell of a lot more important and emotional and intimate than common friendships.

I’ve mentioned my “little brother” Jeff on here several times… and damned if that isn’t the best description of what he and I have.

When we were in college, he and I had that exact sort of relationship: it looked romantic / sexual but had none of that and was definitely more important than a common friendship. Which is exactly why he’ll always be my little brother. We thought about trying out a romantic relationship. Once. It was discarded just as quickly as it was brought up. Distance might have changed the parameters of our relationship, as did the spousal units and children, but he’s always going to be one of the most important people in my life. Even if we never speak again.

THAT’S what I’ve been trying to capture in my Johnlock stuff. (Because, again, I couldn’t write porn if my life depended on it, and I don’t really want to. Not for this relationship at least. It doesn’t feel right to me.)

THAT’S what yesterday’s Sherlock episode was about.

Is Sherlock asexual?

Who knows.

Canonically, we’ll probably never know… people have been guessing about the relationship between Holmes and Watson since ACD first wrote about them. Mofftiss hasn’t done much for us, either.

So, I read stuff like this and I *know* that no matter what comes out (HEE!) in the BBC canon, my Sherlock will always be an ace. His relationship with John is so much my relationship with Jeff that it’s scary.

I just hope that when I write those dynamics between Sherlock and John that I can do my friendship with Jeff justice, because at the end of the day, we write what we know…

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