The Gospel According to… Chuck.


incestuous gay fanfiction, anyone?

Had a really bad night.

Jimmy the Pimp called when I was on the way to my workout.

Sig Fucking Sauer is STILL hiring for kick-ass accounting positions.

If I could just suck it up and sell my soul, I’d have a job a half hour from home in the income tax free state of New Hamster.

But instead, I just scheduled an interview at a huge telecom company in NEEDHAM, MA.

Look it up on Mapquest, sparky.

The beautiful town of Needham is - straight highway, no traffic - an hour and fifteen minutes from my little home in the shadow of The Nuke.

Let’s do the math, shall we?

The Shadow of the Nuke + straight trip down 95 - Boston traffic = 1.25 hours commute

I have people in the city proper chucking my resume into the bin because they’re worried about my commute.

This commute is going to be much worse.

I’m starting to wonder if he even looked at my resume…

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