Teenaged girls are fucking annoying.

it’s a timey-wimey thing. // timey-wimey? // i have no idea where he picks that stuff up.

Have I mentioned that I work in an ice rink?

You know - the type with ice that people skate on.

Like hockey players and fucking figure skaters.

Teenaged girls who are figure skaters.

Who compete.

At ice rinks.

Like the one I work in.


Our office is right off the lobby where the box office is, so we were basically near the area where the teams were hanging out / checking in. I spent the day listening to little girls gossip. And scream. And generally being annoying little fuckwits.

And pounding on the fucking bathroom door.

The fucking pounding.

The bathroom next to our office has a big sign on it that says it’s only one stall and if the door is locked, go find somewhere else to take a piss. (Or something along those lines.)

All fucking day: BANG! BANG! BANG! Is there someone in there? BANG! BANG! BANG! Oh! Sorry!

My fucking head…

And that’s after spending two hours trying to make it to work in a snow storm. (Generally a 45 minute commute on a bad day.)

BUT! I do still love my job.

And I very much love the fact that I have a job to bitch about.

And I very, very, very much love the fact that the skating competition will be over by the time I go back into work on Monday.

Life. Is. Good.

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