Sweatin’ like Michael Jackson at a Chuck E Cheese


probably photoshopped, but still very cute

(Does anyone know where the title of this entry came from? I’ll give you a cookie if you can tell me!)

That was one of the hardest phone screens I’ve ever done. It was hard to separate being a sports fan from working for the arena which has absolutely nothing to do with the teams.

In my favor, however, was my experience in pro hockey and working with the ownership of the Toledo Sports Arena. 

The job feels a little beneath me, and I’m sure I botched the interview. Plus, there are a shit ton of people vying for this job. (I’ll bet the majority want to work IN sports, not for the company that houses the teams’ battlegrounds. There’s a difference.)

One of my recruiters called me this morning and tried to talk me out of accepting the offer at the industry company. (I haven’t even gotten it yet!)

After that one-two punch, I’m feeling pretty unsettled.

I just want this to end.

As much as I don’t want to, I should probably go ruck for a bit. The clock is ticking and focusing on not dying during the challenge will keep my mind off my shitty job search.


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