Sunday means Sherlock!

looks like something i would make…

I know. I’ve already seen this series of Sherlock, but I’ll be watching it when it airs on PBS any way.

And quite honestly, it feels weird to not be watching a BBC live stream today, right now, as a matter of fact.

It sucks big hairy wanger that we only get three episodes.

They’re talking about rushing the next series out, with the possibility of a Christmas episode, but despite my bitching about the “fix-it” fics, I want the hiatus to last longer.

(OMG. What the fuck did I just say?!?!)

No. Seriously.

There was something beautiful about the last hiatus, but maybe that was because I came in during the middle of it? The amount of creativity, passion, and crazy - we see it all the time in the Supernatural fandom’s reactions to the Hellatus, but there’s something very different about the Sherlockians, especially when they’re SuperLockians or SuperWhoLockians - was mind blowing. I’ll know we’ll get past this round of fix-its and missing scenes and OT3 PWP. (My Dog, there are a lot of people writing that!), and things will be all rainbows and kittens again.

And that’s the part I want to experience.


I don’t really like chocolate.

I haven’t been near a box of Russell Stover chocolates since my father and I left my mother when I was 14 / 15 years old.

Someone gave us a box for Christmas and I broke down and opened it today.

Damn, if they’re not the best tasting things I’ve ever put into my mouth.


I have tomorrow off - a paid holiday, no less - and I’m really bummed.

I don’t want to be home alone on a Monday again.

It makes me think things… bad things…

Like this new job is just a dream and when I wake up on Monday to stay home, I’ll realise that.

I keep looking at my University ID badge and smiling. And then I have to touch it to prove it’s really real.

Unless that’s part of the dream, too.

I mean, I do look damn good in the photo.

When the Regional Director of Finance told me I had 365 days of paid vacation, I thought he was joking…

Glad to see that it wasn’t a joke.


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