*stomps around the house*

i can’t believe anderson ships sherlolly…

This is the kiss Loo tweeted about. Between the hair fluff and that kiss, I practically died.

I’ve been in a mood all day. We get the most useless gift cards as gifts (and I know it’s the thought that counts, but I’d prefer it if people would stop thinking!) and I tried to use two of them today.

It is virtually impossible to find anything of any use at a Sears and I will NOT shop in a K-Mart. So, that was a wasted trip.

Then, I tried to use that B&N gift card. *sigh*

Everything I wanted to look at or buy was only available online and I can get it quicker and cheaper from Amazon.

I want to write, but I’m stuck. Cabin Pressure 30 Day OTP, Johnlock 30 Day OTP, Johnlock BTS, Johnlock NaNo… I can’t get a single word out.

I want to knit, but I just can’t find the energy.

This is different than my unemployed Ick, in that I feel good and perfectly capable of doing something and wanting to do something - ANYTHING! - but I just can’t find that magic thing.

I was hoping a blog entry would help, but I’m just all ‘eh’ about this, too.

It doesn’t help that I was reading the most incredible piece of Drarry fan fiction (Harry Potter / Draco Malfoy) because someone told me to. Thirty chapters of amazing and then it just stops. So close to the resolution of the plot!!! I was really annoyed that the author would just walk away like that. I mean, seriously, who DOES that?! And then I found out… the author passed away before he could finish it. He had so much promise. *sigh*

So, that’s not helping matters… I want to curl up and have a Harry Potter marathon, but they’re always on and I always make fun on J for watching them every single time they’re on.


And more on the S3E1 / fandom thing: Gatiss must have trolled the FUCK out of tumblr and AO3. There’s no other way… Seriously. It’s not possible for him to come up with ALL OF THAT on his own.

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