*snorts* // *squees* // *giggles*


it’s almost like he’s saying “dafuq?”


I’ve been against temping because I can’t make the amount of money I need to make to… I don’t know. Keep a roof over my head, maybe? Plus, there’s the whole issue of taking time off to interview for a “real” job.

I did the math this weekend, and as long as I earn more than $10.67/hour, I’ll be making more in a 40 hour week than I would if I were sitting on my ass collecting unemployment.

That’s really sobering, considering I was making well over that before The Great Life Altering Screw Over of February 2013.

I’m going to a temp agency tomorrow. One I’ve dealt with before and I know they have positions I can do, that actually pay more than that.

I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

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