Smoke rises from the BBC… a new Doctor is chosen.

accurate gif is accurate

The BBC has announced the new Doctor… and already the shit is flying.

Yeah, we all wanted David Tennant back. We all wanted a woman. We definitely wanted a ginger.

We didn’t get any of those.

I have no idea who Peter Capaldi is, but he’s the new Doctor.

Oh. Wait. That’s not quite true - he was in an episode of DW already, and he’s in “Fortysomething” with the Cumberbabe which is definitely on my list to watch, once I figure out how to get my hands on it. I’m assuming tumblr, you tube or google will prove useful. If not, I *think* it’s available in a region 1 DVD version on Amazon. If not that, then there’s always hacking my DVD player, getting a UK iTunes gift card, or buying a regionless DVD player… OR… there’s always the crazy idea of ACTUALLY MOVING TO THE FUCKING UK ALREADY INSTEAD OF THINKING ABOUT IT NON-FUCKING-STOP.

Frustrated much?

Anyhoo… I’m a little leery of his regeneration. It took me a long time to become a Matt Smith fan, and now… *poof*. (Literally?) I have to start all over again.

It didn’t help that before the live announcement (thank you, BBC America!), they aired David Tennant’s last episode. I fucking bawled like a baby, because… well, the feels!!! It might actually be worse than the Reichenbach feels. Yeah, it probably is.

Between “Catching Fire” and the DW 50th Anniversary special, November’s going to fucking rock.

It’s also going to take forever to get here.


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