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oh, hell, i ship it, too

The problem with jumping back and forth from fandoms that center on the same actor is that you get very confused as to whether or not he’s got ginger (auburn) hair or ebony hair, whether or not he’s taller than his partner or shorter… DAMN YOU, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH for being so chameleon like!


Had an interview yesterday that was weird. I can’t go into details, but I think - if they offer me the job - I’m not going to take it. I’d rather hold out for the chance to get a second interview with a restaurant…

I need the money, badly, but I don’t think I’d last long there.

I do have an interview today with a CPA for a temp job. The money is better than most temp jobs, and it will keep me busy through the holidays. The recruiter seems to think it’s a slam dunk.

Who knows…


Fucking BBC is airing the first episode of the third series of Sherlock on December 15th. IN A MOVIE THEATRE. Tickets go on sale November 12th, but how can I justify to the hubs that I need to take off to England for the shortest weekend trip in history?



My friend, Jesse, from the Ameros (Albany band), is running for Mayor today. I wish I could vote for him. He’s a Republican, but his politics mesh so closely with my own, that I’d love to see him in office. He really has the capability to change the world if people would take a chance on him. He’s smart. Well spoken. Really, really, really has an excellent head on his shoulders. You don’t find most people his age to be that mature…

Shall I say it again? I’m so damn lucky to have my Albany family, and that it’s ever expanding.

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