One big step and you’re back!


this is always good for a giggle

Where to start?

We brought Guinness home - finally - and he continued to go after Apache, to the point where we were seriously thinking about selling him.

Then, we discovered the problem: J. They’re both “his” dogs and there was some reminding Apache of just who was in charge here. Gotta love the (non-existent) battle for superiority.

We’re working on creating a truce. It will take time… but we’ve agreed he’s worth it.

Fucking dogs.

Then, I started having bad weeks at work. BAD weeks. And I JUST started. It didn’t bode well for the future, but I thought in time, it would get better.

That place was twelve flavors of crazy more than I thought it would be…and that’s a LOT of crazy. A LOT.

I made the decision on Sunday to start looking for a new job and they beat me to the punch.

I suddenly find myself unemployed. Again.

Life will go on. It always does… and for once, I’m not crushed to be jobless.

I know I’ll find something.

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