Oh, it’s Christmas!


four interviews and now a phone screen!

So far, I’ve managed to annoy a few people who have been unemployed for too long now. I don’t know what to tell them. Either my resume is ‘right’ or my experience is ‘right’. Who knows. It’s such a crap shoot. I’m just thankful that a lot of people are interested in my blended marketing / accounting background and the fact that I worked for multiple companies at the same time.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I need a CPA if I want to get the higher level accounting jobs. I tell them I’ll sit for the exam if it’s that important, but I’ve never really had an interest in public accounting. The refusal to complete the work requirement will keep me from getting licensed in the state of NH, but if I pass the exam that proves I have the knowledge. Six of one…

I found out today by my super secret stealth recruiter that the person I lost the other job to hasn’t accepted the offer yet. I might still have a chance…

I’ve also got an interview tomorrow with a guy who was very curious as to how I managed working for five different companies simultaneously and then told me I’d be managing THIRTY.


Or since I’m already quoting Sherlock, “The game, Mr. Possible Employer, is ON!”


Guinness is going to boot camp next week. We’re continuing to have issues with the cat and the crate, so we’re going to turn him over to someone who knows what they’re doing—the breeder we got him from. I’ll miss him, but we need it. HE needs it. Now, I just need to figure out who his parents are. (The breeder was obsessed with knowing.)

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