Now is not the time, nor the place, jerk.


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No walk today, but I don’t mind. Time to let the feet rest.

I stopped at Hannaford today to get some groceries - to get some of those meal bar things so I can get something in my belly during the challenge and some stuff for the worst blister. I was already tired and cranky because of… stuff, but I figured it would keep me out of the house for a little bit. Even cranky, I wanted some human contact.

What a bad idea.

I’m wearing my “We are Newtown” t-shirt because it felt like that kind of day. I was thinking about… stuff… and decided I would wear it to remind myself of… stuff… and to honor the dead.

The fact that I am wearing a t-shirt that brings to mind a terrible event that spurred yet another conversation about gun control does NOT mean it’s acceptable to bring up gun control in conversation with a total stranger.

I don’t really have a position on gun control, and I think I’ve said that before. That doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion about guns themselves.

And let me tell you, my opinion was the polar opposite of idiot person’s.

I made it clear I was uncomfortable. I made it clear this was not an appropriate discussion. I made it clear my friend’s kid was SHOT and DIED that day.

The fucking moron persisted. I’m pretty sure everyone within earshot was as uncomfortable as I was. Somebody on the Hannaford staff actually apologized.

I was so tempted to grab the grocery divider stick thing and beat them to a bloody pulp. (Did I mention I was tired and cranky?)

A shortened version of this is my status on FB right now, and it led one of my friends to comment that grocery stick divider things should be banned, too.

I think he’s right…

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