My little baby is about to go out in the world.


dog bless the person that grabbed this

OK - first the important news.

I’ve got an interview on Wednesday. My recruiters are picking up steam.

I’ve also played the “I’ve been laid off” card and negotiated a lower cable bill and an extension on my IMA membership. I’m trying to figure out who else I can negotiate a lower rate with… but in the meantime, the resume’s going out and the calls are coming in. Can’t ask for more than that.


My JohnLock fic is finally ready to get posted on FFN, but I wanted a proofreader. J is reading it, but I don’t know if I’ll get an honest opinion out of him. I don’t think I’m going to look for a beta. As far as I can tell, betas are usually good for making sure every one stays in character plus doing the usual proofreading. Since I’m using my own head canon and my personal experiences, they’re going to be a little out of character. I’m fine with that because I’ve tried to keep them as close as possible but they’re going to veer off course.

So, I asked my new friend to proofread it. It’s scary, but he’s a very good outside opinion. I don’t think he’d sugar coat his review like Rollz’ might have and definitely not like J will.

Brit-picking is something else entirely. I have a few British friends I can ask to read it, but since I’m a little nervous about putting it out in the world of people I know, I’m going to stick to the excuse that I’m an American. Plus, the more “British” fan fic I’ve read lately (both Cabin Pressure and Sherlock fan fic are based on BBC programs), the more obvious it is that the majority of Americans don’t do a whole lot of research. I know it’s really bad when *I* can brit-pick them. It’s called Google, people!!!! (And really, the last time I checked, Regent’s Park was the closest to Baker St., not Hyde Park. There’s also the small fact that a walk to Buckingham Palace from Baker St is about 45 minutes. 10 or so by cab, but they walked there (Mapquest has the UK in their database and you can get walking directions.)  The sad (good?) thing is that I actually knew those facts without having to look them up. I double checked, of course, but for once, the little voices in my head were right. 

I’m NEVER going to pretend I’m an expert, though, and my author’s note will probably reflect that fact.

I just need to export it from Storyist to Word and email it off.

My baby is finally leaving the nest…

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