My. Fucking. Feels.


My last save date on the earliest draft is 12 February 2014 - I’ve spent almost a year writing this and…

I did it. I finally finished it.

The Drarry fan fic is compete. Done. Stick a fork in it.

29,508 words in the first draft.
20,852 words in the second draft.
32,137 words in the third draft.
20,061 words in the fourth draft.
28,418 words in the fifth draft.
127,000 words in the sixth draft. (Exactly!)

I wrote something that I’m pretty proud of and it only took me 257,976 words to get there.

And that’s before I tear draft number six to absolute shreds in the editing process.

Speaking of tears, I’m going to have to label it with the archive warning “Major Character Death” - and even though I always knew it was going to end that way, I was crying as I wrote both the final chapter and the epilogue. The middle part definitely needs some fleshing out and the beginning needs some work, but I am fucking PROUD of that tear jerker ending.

I’m not sure if I’ll publish it on AO3 right now. It’s dark and hits too close to home - and that’s even without my being happy with the depictions of both Broken!Harry and Broken!Draco. Plus, I’ve tried some different things in this fic. I’ve pushed my writing abilities to the edge and I’m not sure what others will think.

It sounds completely mental, but it’s frightening to think of someone reading this after all the work I’ve put into it. Terrifying, even.

But it’s done.


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