Mmmm… a day with the Cumberbabe

as julian assange in 'the fifth estate'

Yesterday, after my interview with another recruiter who has nothing I'm a fit for (surprise), I decided to go to the movies.

Of course, I HAD to see "The Fifth Estate" because Benedict Cumberbatch, that's why.

I didn't think it would be my kind of movie, but I went any way because if anything, two hours of Benedistraction Cucumberpatch would keep me from the tears that have been threatening. (We're at the fun part of my depression cycle - the one where everything makes me cry.) He was definitely worth seeing. There were some Sherlock/Benedict mannerisms that I picked up on, but for the most part, he got lost in his character, and I thought he killed it.

After the movie, I was a bit shaken. They discussed some POWERFUL things and still - even after my own wikileaks research and paying attention to the leaks when they were made know - it left me unsure of where I stand and how I feel about what happened 'on the inside' if you will.

I like things that make me question everything I know, so woo! good movie.


15 kudos. Everything else is holding steady.


Found 30+ prompts for my 30 Day OTP Challenge and have decided to do one for each fandom. I'm probably going to spend today working out the UK/US differences for the Zodiac case fic and get that ready to go for November 1st.

It's not like I still don't get quality time with Marlas - I need to do a serious proofreading of Paris and Zurich and get those queued up in AO3. I reread those and Fitton last night while I was eating dinner and I see a lot of ideas in Fitton that were rushed through. I'm glad I decided against publishing Fitton and rewriting Zurich.

A lot of the Fitton stuff is so disjointed, it will make an awesome basis for the 30 Day OTP Challenge.


Guinness and his sprained wrist are home one more day because my headache is back. I'm currently not in a position where I can drive him. And that sucks for both of us.


STILL no answer from the German Consulate, so I'm filling out their paperwork and sending it out tomorrow.

So scared that I'm going to get approved... that makes this so real.

I want it - oh Dog, do I want it - but moving across the ocean? Leaving behind the Albanians and the BU hockey team? Those are some pretty important things to leave behind. If those are the only things holding me here, I think I can survive. I can hear BU games streaming over the internet, but leaving Black Mountain Symphony behind is a lot harder than I originally thought it would be.

I do still have friends in the States, and I'll probably miss the shit out of Logan and his dad, but they can come visit. Or I can. I guess it depends on what happens...Between the headache and the nerves, I think I'm going to vomit.


Welcome to Thursday.
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