Martin Freeman’s “fuck”: an appreciation post

the man fucking swears more than i do

Today was… brilliant!

We braved IKEA (in MA, on tax-free weekend, no less) and came home with a kick ass picture of Piccadilly Circus, plus some new office organizers for my new office. (They’re peeeeeeeeenk!), because that’s what crazy people with money do.

Then, we went to Seacoast Power Equipment (*snicker*) for a new lawn mower, because that’s what responsible adults do.

Then, we went to Michael’s where I bought some ridiculous peeeeeeeeenk flowers for the new office because that’s what people who hate hotel room beige do.

Then, we went to the mall where I bought more suits for work, because that’s what corporate sell outs do.

Then, we went to Five Guys for lunch/dinner, because that’s what hungry people do.

Then, we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, because that’s what people with suits do when they don’t have hangers for their suits.

Then, we went to Bath and Body Works, because that’s what people who want to smell nice do.

Then, we went to Hodgie’s for ice cream, because that’s what adults do when it’s dinner time.


Seriously, when it’s all spelled out like that it’s BORING… but we had so much fun today that it was totally ridiculous.

I don’t get sappy about the husband here, and I hardly talk about our relationship, for a lot of reasons.

It’s days like today, though, that totally prove how lucky I am to have found him. That he’s hung around through the worst of it all. Things could have turned out so different if we had stuck to our guns when we broke up. Twice.

Life has a funny way of giving you what you need, even if it is in the form of a redneck, white trash, farm boy from Ohio. (She says with love… honest!) 

Today was a good day and it was mostly because of him.

And yellow cars.

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