*kicks tumblr in the shins*


I needed to get out of my head a little bit, so I went to tumblr for some fun and giggles.

... and quite possibly, some Hiddles.

There was way less fangirling over Hiddles’ appearance on Top Gear than I expected, and more angsty bullshit than I wanted.



Also, I just realised that all of my research for all of my fan fic is on that damn laptop. And when I say ALL of my research, I mean ALL of my research.

Gee, I hope they don’t look in the folder named “How to take it up the ass like the bitch you are.”

(Just kidding… I don’t have a folder by that name, but wouldn’t it be awesome if I did?)

But seriously, I don’t know if that would be more disturbing than the amount of information I have on blood spatters / pictures of crime scenes / different theories on how to dispose of a body / real life serial killers.  That information is, however, in a very clearly labelled folder called “Murder Ideas”. Sitting on my desktop. Right next to the folder labelled “UK Move”.

Yep, murder ideas and extensive notes on how to leave the country.

If you don’t hear from me in a few days, it’s because my laptop’s been confiscated and I’m in jail.

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