I’m (not) leavin’ on a jet plane.


some people have too much free time…

Bummin’ hard. We were supposed to be flying out to London tonight/tomorrow AM.

Instead, we’ll be at home, wishing we were at Nick’s wedding.


There was a thing on tumblr last night that I was too lazy to screen grab about Americans loving the whole British thing because of tv shows and how we’re stupid and blah blah blah.

Maybe some Americans are like that, but I have *cough* years of history with London.

I went there in high school and I LOVED it.

I went after my father died and I LOVED it.

I dragged Jamie there a few years ago and we LOVED it.

There’s something about the city that grabs me the same way Boston does.

I still don’t know how or when we’re going to move there… but I know we have to. It’s where I belong in this next phase of my life. 


It looks like a Christmas trip there might actually be a reality… and this has NOTHING to do with the timing. Nope.



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