I’m going to have to find and replace all the ginger…

the cumberbabe with his natural hair colour

“I’m not ginger… I’m auburn and there is a difference,” he says firmly.

“I’ve got very good friends and relatives who are ginger and trust me, there’s a difference. And they ain’t ever gonna see the proof!... I have hair that is auburn. It’s got streaks of red in it, definitely. It’s also got streaks of bronze and lighter colours and darker brown colours. When I was a kid I was as blond as the young Julian in our film.”

If you say so…


In other news, I’m not meant to be unemployed. For a third time.

I’m so nervous about finding a new job, that my head is firmly up my ass.

My dad’s one rule when driving was “Listen for pop, then turn key.” The pop would be the sound of your head being removed from your ass. (Didn’t dad just have a way with words?)

Yeah. Well, I forgot that.

I tried to pull out of the garage while the car was still moving. The garage door went up (I thought all the way), and then it came down. ON MY CAR.

I haven’t been able to force myself to look at the roof of the Forester to see the damage, but I did manage to get the door ‘fixed’. I’m still having someone come out and make sure there isn’t any real damage. The guy lives around the corner from us, so hopefully I get a “stupid neighbour” discount.


In other, other news, I fucked up the shoulders on the sweater I’m knitting pretty badly and I need to frog about two inches of it. Ain’t happening today, that’s for sure. I wish I had noticed it last night at knitting when it could have been frogged by someone who knows what they’re doing…


In other, other, other news, I rewrote ALL of “This Week: HARTFORD!” which is Episode One of the Cabin Pressure fan fic from hell. From scratch. Every single word. In a new document. I like this version better. All the bits and pieces from the first two drafts that I was planning on recycling fit better into the new storyline.

There’s a ridiculously fluffy moment towards the end, and I’ve been obsessed with it. Like I dreamt about it last night and the night before. It kicked me right in the feels which I wasn’t expecting, but it is a really tender moment between Douglas and Martin. (No citrus was harmed in the making of that moment.) I think it sets up what happens in the next two episodes perfectly. Fucking “Paris” is next (I hate Paris and if I wasn’t so hell bent on using “le bear polar” / Qikiqtarjuaq, I’d move it, but I need a zoo, particularly one in France…) and that’s also getting a complete rewrite. It gives us the next tender moment between the two men and sets the stage for the final episode of the trilogy where we finally get the Marlas relationship that’s been so carefully and slowly set up in the first two . Yes. I’m bringing it back to a trilogy. I don’t know where episode three is going to be set, since it combines “Fitton” and “London”... maybe Zurich since Y-L-B is definitely part of the third chapter’s rewrite.

I suppose since I’m all job searched out for the day and freaked out about breaking anything new, I’ll try to work on Paris… It’s not like I can fuck that up any worse than it already is.


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