I see the finish line!

yeah, that sounds about right.

2,500-ish words to go!!!! I will reach my word count tonight and be a NaNoWriMo winner. WOOOOO!!!!

ZURICH! is still gaining popularity, but it’s slow and and kind of bumming me out. I’ve become addicted to my email blowing up with comments and kudos because the other two took off the way they did, and it’s not happening right now.


The temp job is OK. The commute is definitely a bitch, but mine isn’t nearly as long as the Controller’s and I have to keep reminding myself that it’s only a temp job. I have to experience the commute on a regular day. Thanksgiving week isn’t really a good representative of what it’s going to be like. So, yeah, patience, grasshopper.

I’m more than willing to commute into Boston (which is a bigger bitch), but at least I have several ways to get into Boston. I’d actually prefer Boston, so I could take the train in. Think of all the knitting I could do on the train! Socks! Hats! Mittens! Baby sweaters! I’d finally work my way through my WIPs and get to start new projects.

I’m very excited for my interview on Wednesday. I think I can pull off the bravado I need to really sell myself. I have a lot of prep to do to prove that I want this as badly as I do. I’m not letting this one slip through my fingers like the restaurant job.

In other job hunt news, I told this other company AGAIN that I wasn’t interested in the job. I want 40 hours of accounting work, not 20 hours of accounting and 20 hours of other shit. I know the state would be pissed because I passed up a ‘suitable’ job, but they’re not the ones that have to commute to Beverly and/or be bored to tears within a year. I’m assuming that since we never got to the nitty gritty of a REAL offer extension, it doesn’t count.

I don’t even know what to do any more.


I’m almost done with one sock - ONE! - for a pair I’m making for a Christmas present. It’s a good thing I won’t see the recipient until January!! Although, once November is over, I’ll probably take a little break from writing and work on the other sock. I’ve still got plenty of other things to write about (30 Day OTP Challenges), but the knitting needs to take priority. (See what I said about taking the train?)


Gah. I’m so boring, I’m even boring myself.

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