I never could get the hang of Tuesdays


everyone knows jensen ackles is the princess of tumblr

Once again, that line is DIRECTLY from the show. Yep. Cracktastic.

Yesterday was written off because of the headache, so I’m trying to hit the ground running today.

It’s weird because I normally take Tuesdays off from the job search. Otherwise, I get depressed when there’s not a lot of new jobs to apply for. Skipping Tuesday normally means that Wednesday is really productive. I like productive days.

But - so far today, I’ve tried to fill out my unemployment claim in Spanish (Je parle français, mais pas couramment.) and I’ve tried to drink from my stapler. I’ve also jumped off the couch and spilled my coffee all over myself when Brown rang the doorbell to announce the arrival of the much needed dog food.


Jimmy the Pimp’s well has run dry. I haven’t heard back from Tony the Pimp about the cost job. And I’m so desperate, I’m interviewing in NEEDHAM. NEEDHAM! (Je suis très stupide.)

About the only thing going in my favour today is that my Cabin Pressure fan fic is going well. I’m almost ready to print it out and edit the hell out of it. Almost. It’s going a lot faster than my Johnlock did, which is both nice and scary. Oh well, editing will take take of the scary. I hope.

And knitting’s tonight - so I get to see people who aren’t at day care, not my husband, and not my personal trainer - so there’s that.

Today will redeem itself, or it will get kicked squarely in the nuts.

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