I needed a little gingerbatch


what a beautiful man… seriously.

I’ve felt ‘off’ all day.

I’ve always called it ‘sick’ when I’m dealing with people who don’t get what a deep, dark, black pit of despair real depression is… I still struggle with telling people what’s wrong with me. Hell, I struggled with telling J the truth tonight about a few things. (None of which belong here… I do keep some things private.) So, I fall back on “I don’t feel well” or “I dunno. Guess I’m just tired.”

It’s hard to look for a job when the voices in your head are telling you you’re completely worthless and that you’ll never find another job.

So imagine my surprise when I came home to this in my Facebook messages:  You are intelligent and have an awesome command of the English language.

Thank you, R2D2.

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