I love Kim Rhodes. Like REALLY love her.

I have recently become aware of a weird cultural war going on between those who have children and those who choose not to. For some reason, individuals in the former camp are making it their mission to convert those in the latter. “Have children!” they are championing. “It’s the best decision you can make! You’re selfish if you don’t! It will complete your life! HAVE A FUCKING KID!” I am here to tell you, don’t have a child if you don’t want a child. Don’t. It will destroy you as you know you, and if you don’t want one, the sacrifice won’t be worth it.

While most of the SPN cast I’ve met at cons are the sweetest people ever, I’ve never met anyone like Kim. She’s just awesome. Overly awesome. (And she needs to come back to the show!!!!!)

If you don’t read her blog, you really don’t know what you’re missing. This is probably my favorite blog entry of hers - and I’ve loved lots of them - because she says exactly what I’m thinking about this “culture war”.

I’ve been more open about the bipolar than I’ve ever been about getting my tubes tied, the decision NOT to have kids, and basically, my complete and utter disdain for most children. Some break through, like L, but for the most part, kids skeeve me out.

I don’t have whatever IT is that makes other people go “OH! BABY!” If I go “OH! BABY!” then you’ll know I’m drunk off my ass.

And, of course, the likelihood of that ever happening is zilch.

So, yeah, babies: bad. My crush on Kim Rhodes: out of control.

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