How to decorate your flat. A tutorial by BBC Sherlock

idea one: pin a cluedo board to the wall with a knife

A few years ago, we went to see BU play BC at Fenway Park. Great idea for a one-off.

And then they decided to repeat it and repeat it and repeat it, until it lost the specialness.

That year it was 7 degrees.

Today, BU plays Maine and it is almost 50 degrees outside.

50 degrees is not hockey weather. Especially if you’re playing at a baseball park that is uncovered. They had to crank the refrigeration in an effort to get the rain to freeze on the surface. It didn’t look like they were succeeding.

They’re currently experiencing a rain delay because it’s absolutely POURING (including thunder and lightening) in Boston.

Currently, the rink has so much water on it that I made the lame joke about them really playing ‘pond hockey’.

I’ve never been so happy to skip a hockey game in my life.

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