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it’s official. it’s a thing.

I’ve been saving up a bunch of funny names for Benedict Cumberbatch, but this one was too good to sit on.


I still need to write about my adventure on the 4th of July… but it’s not going to happen today.


I’m meeting with the VP of the company I interviewed with on Friday. Please let this be the last one for them… this is number four. (A phone, an in-person and then a second in-person last Friday)

I received an email about an hour later from the work-at-home-accounting company asking for a fourth at the same time as the one I scheduled with the VP (guess I’m really in demand!). They have a five interview process, so I’ve made it about 80% through their process. That makes me feel better. I didn’t want to go through all those ridiculous tests for nothing.

I like the idea of a work-from-home job, but I’m tired of sitting at home all day, every day. I want to work with people again. I guess that’s a question to ask during the phone interview tomorrow.

Money wise, they should work out to be about the same: no commute and less money vs. a commute and more money.

Dress code wise: pjs vs. suits.

Title wise: eh vs. woo-hoo!

I don’t even want to think about making a choice yet because it’s definitely too early to contemplate getting an offer from either company. It’s hard not to think about what I really want. I’m afraid of making a bad decision again…


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