Here’s to good friends


there are so many good things about this picture, i can’t even…

Went out to lunch today with Silent P.

I can’t remember the last time I braved Portsmouth during tourist season, but it wasn’t too bad today.

We went to the Gas Light and - once again - they proved my theory that I’ve only ever crossed paths with one chef who can cook a burger to order. It’s not rocket science. I can’t cook, but if I did, I’m sure I could figure it out. I’m a whiz at baking and baking is harder, so therefore, poking a burger to make sure it matches the “fist test” can’t be that hard.

Actually, the guy that taught me the fist test just happens to be the only one that can cook a burger…



After we ate, we walked around the city. I forget how beautiful it can be around there. It’s like Boston, but smaller. Much easier to trip over the tourists.

We bonded over the weirdest things. He really is a kindred spirit in so many ways.

I’m bummed I left the Muchachos because it means I don’t get to see him too often, but I’m glad he wants to continue the friendship outside of the corps.

Rebuilding a life is hard - especially when you’re the one who nuked it - but it is possible.

Thanks for reminding me of that, Silent P.


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