Head’s all spinny, but I’m here

two really attractive men for your viewing pleasure

I’m alive.

Two days in and I’m liking the job… except for the security cameras in the pool. How am I supposed to have a nekkid pool party now? Party poopers.

(Yeah, staff gets free lunches, access to the pool and the fitness center.)

Accounting is accounting is accounting, so it’s an accounting job. Same rodeo, different horse, you know?

This company actually doesn’t seem to be twelve flavors of crazy, but the boss does sing. (As he warned me.)

He sings loudly.

I’m OK. I’m fitting in just fine. The work is doable.

I’ll check in once I have more energy and something to talk about outside of the fact that my office is in a hotel room and has it’s own bathroom, refrigerator, and microwave. (Which is pretty damn cool, btw.)

Have I mentioned that I get free entertainment in the form of a singing boss?

Oh yeah.

His rendition of Notorious B.I.G.‘s “Juicy” was especially inspired…

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