Hand jobs! For science, Jawn!

That has to be one of the best tags I’ve ever seen.

Oh, Sherlock fandom, when you’re not absolutely killing me with the feels, you’re making me laugh until I cry.

Thank you for the distraction, and the inspiration, and the reminders of what Sherlock and John REALLY sound like as I work on the casefic.

And, OMFG, I figured out whodunnit already and have changed the Zodiac to be a more annoying, but better educated, prick.


I got sick this afternoon, so I couldn’t go to New York like I wanted to, but I did get ahead on my word count, by almost a whole two days… I’ve also had verbal diarrhea in emails and text messages. I really apologize if you’ve been on the receiving end of one of those today.

At least they’re coming easy. Unlike John and Sherlock.

*ba dum tish*

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