Fuck. Me. (And not in the ‘good way’)

yeah. that.

I cannot find my grandparents’ social security applications.

This is important because when they applied for their SSNs, they had to list their places of birth.

That is important because without their places of birth, I cannot establish lineage or determine if that lineage is eligible for Polish citizenship.

That is extra important because the location of their births may or may not actually be considered Poland due to three different citizenship acts, one of which refers to the shifting borders due to WW2.

Of course, the fact that my grandfather became a US Citizen in ‘55 and that my grandmother and mother followed in ‘66 might make all of that null and void…


While looking for their stuff, I came across my parents’ divorce paperwork.

Choice bits I don’t want to forget (and can’t figure out why I feel compelled to post here):

1) Well, she got, Helen got up and threw her books from the coffee table and then kicked her in the head. [‘her’, of course, being me]

2) Question: Was there a point in time during your marriage that your wife, in your mind, began to avoid her parental duties towards your daughter?

Answer: Again, I think looking back, probably when (she) was 8 or 9 or somewhere in that age. 7 or 8. Then it just got worse and worse. Towards the end, the two of them just couldn’t be in the same room. [‘she’ being me]

3) Mrs. N is quite argumentative, difficult to deal with… [Letter from her attorney to the court. Apparently, my mom when apeshit on her attorney after the divorce was finalised. There’s another letter to a new attorney from when she decided to try and sue the first one because of the judge’s decision, but her handwriting had degraded so far, I couldn’t read half of it.]


I’ve got a post that I’m going to write sooner rather than later. (I hope.)

It’s not all gloom and doom and, like everything else lately, I want to put it here so that I don’t “lose” it.


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