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this is how i will always remember him

My birthday’s coming up on Thursday, which makes me a bit melancholy. 22 years without a mother and my 13th birthday without my father.

The universe has decided to remind me that I’m old and has gifted me with the early birthday present of a sore back. It’s right at my hips, so movement is… decidedly not recommended. I’ve been using my Ativan instead of a normal painkiller. As an anti-anxiety med, it relaxes everything. Including fucked up back muscles. I’ve used it for my heart on occasion, too.

I bought a replacement hard drive yesterday. I took a chance this morning and moved the USB cord on the shitty hard drive from the USB 1.0 hub to the last available port on the iMac and - wouldn’t you know - for the first time in months, the damn thing started working like it’s supposed to. It’s not like it hasn’t been plugged in there, or the keyboard, or the hub, or even my MBP… Files are FLYING to the replacement drive.

I’m doing spot checks to see if things are moving and I found a lot of old blog skins. Some of which I still really like. I may bring at least one of them back. I dunno. Currently, I’m thinking about starting a new blog which will not only chronicle my efforts to become a citizen of an EU country, but one that I will also try to write in Ukrainian. None of those skins will work, however… *sigh*

Speaking of blogging in Ukrainian, my Ukie lessons are going to be done via Skype, which terrifies me. My office is a mess. Again. I’ve decided that I’m going to spend an hour - and only an hour - every week night cleaning up something. Maybe a half hour - I’m assuming there will be insane amounts of shredding in my future, and I’m not sure the shredder can handle it.


Today there will be lots of sitting at the iMac, watching files move, watching more shitty horror movies and writing more fan fic.  It dawned on me the other day that Harry Potter fan fic was my first exposure to fandoms (and specifically m/m shipping) and that I found it absolutely disgusting. My, how things change.

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