Holy mother of fuck:

I can’t believe this! I mean, fucking Anderson! Lestrade! The DVD!

Happiness due to the new content aside, I don’t feel that Sherlock is in character at all. It’s not like him to let his guard down in front of ANYONE, let alone Lestrade…

John tries to explain it, but I’m just not feeling it. Yeah, there’s a definite change in Sherlock over the six episodes where he becomes more human, but I just don’t see this kind of behaviour as in character. Not in a birthday video made before The Fall, at least.

In the trailer, he kind of walks a fine line between reverting back to series one and showcasing how he changed pre-Fall, but either way, it’s just weird. Especially with the promo and Watson’s blog entry giving us a little more of why and how he’s changed.

Whatever… tomorrow is our final day with Eleven, and then it’s about a week until I get to dial in to a Belgium Slingbox and watch “The Empty Hearse” in real time. (SUCK ON THAT BBC!)

Instead of a rant about Sherlock and why the BBC / BBC America sucks in general, I’ll give you a Doctor Who promo as well:


Also - I need to find American crap to write fan fic about. Between the UK dictionaries (Mac and Firefox add-on) and the effort to brit-pick my fan fic without a brit-picker, I’ve gone completely ‘dark side’ (to quote one friend). Can’t wait to see how that goes over at the new job:

“Yeah, I spell words the British way because I write fan fic for British TV and radio programmes and people get pissed off if they see American spelling and other crap like that in the fic.”

“What kind of fan fic? Oh, you know, m/m slash. No porn, though, just fluffy romancey stuff.”


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