Bye, Poo

Friday AM while I was getting ready for work, Apache scared the shit out of me and we made an unplanned trip to the vet.

He was having massive trouble breathing, and she was able to hear it. She was concerned but thought she could bring him out of it. I was ready to let him go then, but she pointed out that he did have some other health issues we’ve been working on and to just give it time. They sedated him in an effort to relax him so he wasn’t breathing so hard. (The harder he tried to breathe, the less air he got, the harder it was to breathe…)

We brought him home, with a fresh batch of scripts, and hoped for the best.

It didn’t get better and at 1AM Saturday, we brought him to the emergency vet and said our good-byes.

Apache was a weird dog. He was a lot of work. He was an asshole when he wanted to be.

He was nothing like Arsey, yet I think the hole he’s leaving in our lives is much bigger than the one she left.

Rest in peace, Apache. We’re going to miss you a whole metric-fuck-ton.

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