But it’s what I want!

my fucking heart just broke into a zillion pieces

Had an interview today where they were looking for someone with cost/manufacturing/inventory experience.

I have none of that. I’m not even sure why I was presented for the position…

But I want to be a cost accountant. To do that, I need manufacturing and inventory experience.

It’s a vicious fucking circle, ain’t it?


Got this in my email today:

Hi jankins,

I’ve eventually got your new note about the meeting on this week end. I perhaps might not be in a position to can come this time because of work load in work place.

Just in case you are planning for a meetup then inform me I most certainly will be almost completely free because my task is finishing in three to four days.

Give my love to the little children right from my side.

See ya.

Now, I’m even getting Tammy Jankins’ spam.

Brilliant. (At least it was relatively amusing.)


While I’m making fun of other people’s command - or lack thereof - of the English language, I have to poke fun at myself.

Yesterday’s interview went relatively well, but when I wrote about it in the paper journal, I wrote that, “I misunderestimated the amount I needed to prep for that interview.”


What the everloving fuck is wrong with me?!? At least I didn’t say it during an interview.



Life goes on. And the earth continues to spin around the sun. I think.

(My favorite line from Sherlock fits here nicely: “Oh hell, what does it matter?! So we go round the sun - if we went round the moon or… round and round the garden like a teddy bear, it wouldn’t make any difference.”)

I get up, I put on pants, I feed myself… every day is a victory.

I can live with that.

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