Ativan + bathroom…


yeah. what he said.

I’m too lazy to find the blog entry that I pulled the title from, but it’s in the archives somewhere.

I’m afraid of the direction my Cabin Pressure fan fic is heading in. I seriously want to pop an ativan and hide in the bathroom until after my muse sits in the corner, thinks about what it’s done, and gives me a more comfortable storyline.

That said, let’s move on…

Last night at knitting, the women were all talking about technology and how much they liked/disliked about phones, Kindles, etc. They got on the topic of the Patriot Act and the government’s spying on people. A few of them don’t use the ‘club’ cards that stores have (CVS, Shaw’s, Rite Aid…). A few of them refuse to use an E-ZPass.

Considering how much of my life is online, I could only sit back and laugh.

All I can say is, for as much as I HATE the idea of Johnlock sex, my muse is forcing some Marlas sex into my fiction. I don’t know about the rest of you girls out there, but this female trying to write about two guys getting it on? I have a rough idea of how the equipment works because I’ve been with guys and well… you know, but other than that? I got nuttin’.

Dog. Bless. Google.

I really hope to hell that the government is monitoring my google usage right now. It’s pretty interesting…

Between trying to figure out how to become a German citizen based on Mom’s birth certificate, move to the UK, find a job, Mapquesting just about every location possible in both the UK (not strictly London) and greater Boston, the gay sex, and the stuff on how to murder a person (There’s a case!lock fic in my future, too. It’s being outlined now. It’s the first story I’ve actually outlined before writing… My muse REALLY likes that I haven’t gotten any negative feedback yet.), I’m sure there’s a list somewhere and I’m on it.

I’d like to extend a huge thanks to the gay men who host websites that focus on how to write pr0n, the forensic scientists who tell the clueless how blood spatter works and how to identify what sort of bullets/knives leave specific wounds, and the rest of the specialists who have written how-tos on anything else you can think of.

Actually, I’d be remiss without thanking all my fellow fan fic writers on tumblr who keep pointing me in the “write” directions (I misspelled it so many times, I’m leaving it there.) with their endless reblobbing of these links and articles. So, thank you, tumblr folk!

I think I’ve stalled enough. It’s time to go figure out how to write the mechanics of sticking something somewhere stuff ain’t meant to be stuck AND keep it to a T-rating. I’m not writing full on, overly graphic PWP. As much as I don’t mind reading it, it’s not something I’m comfortable writing.

No matter how much research I do.

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