All those British boys…


the holmes brothers

My interview in Needham went pretty well. It turns out that they’re good with working remotely. There’s a guy from Maine who works there, and if they don’t care about his commute, they won’t care about mine.

There’s a lot to like about that company. *fingers crossed*

My Tuesday interview became Wednesday.  At least I still have the interview… although I’m nervous they’ll pull something like the cost job did.

My friends are awesome (as if I needed to say that again). I’ve been a little out of sorts since the interview… I was the first person in and he didn’t take a single note during my interview. Can’t tell if I blew it or not. So it’s nice to laugh that hard and be set right.

Today, the monster I created (a friend from high school and a friend from college have bonded over ‘mommy’ stuff), decided to address circumcision on Facebook. It’s not something I pay attention to because kids aren’t something on my bucket list, but I do see the stuff they post from time to time. It’s to the point where even I think it’s a bad idea. Which started this thing that ended with my friend reminding me that all my British crushes have ALL of their equipment. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard that one comment made me laugh. I’m not even sure why.

Was thinking about driving to NY for a Black Mountain Symphony show, but decided against it. It’s a five and a half hour drive and I’m just not into it today. Which really sucks because I want to see them… Maybe I should shift my job search to Albany. Screw the UK.

OK. My fan fic is calling. Outside is calling. I think I can mix the two for a while. Maybe I’ll bring out a notebook and write the new bits longhand. (Does anyone do that anymore?!)

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