я не розумію

literally! benedict timothy carlton cumberbatch, to be exact

I’m already over my Ukie classes… after having two.

I can’t read the cyrillic and I’m struggling to pronounce the words properly on my own. I’m using flash cards like a mofo, but I put the Cyrillic and the pronunciation/transliteration on the front. I only know it by pronunciation…. *sigh*

To make matters worse, we’re starting with the same basics as every other teaching company out there, but three different ‘teach yourself’ books have completely different ways of dealing with the subject material.

I’d like to learn Ukie the same way I learned French and Latin - with reading and writing and homework. Using flash cards is only good for freaking me out because I struggle to memorise when I don’t know what’s around them. (Verbs, cases, etc.)


I’m going to talk to her tomorrow and see what there is to see about changing things up, because this isn’t working.

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